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Service included: Weight loss program, Bulking up/hypertrophy, Nutrition concept/dietary guidance, Flexibility program(Dynamic stretch and Passive ROM stretch), Functional training(enhancing daily activity functions), Rehabilitation program.

We all know that to some extent people form opinions of us before they actually get to know us-before we even say a word, that’s why fashion and fitness have become so integrated to our life and image. Besides, a healthy, well-functioned body does contribute a great deal of confidence to our life to cope with personal issues and social stress.

I have been in fitness industry for more than 5 years, and every client I worked with granted me a precious piece of experience to my fitness philosophy. About a year ago, I went through ACL surgery; in order to speed up my recovery, that got me to inspect deeper to the level of neuromuscular activation and kinetic chain enhancement, which most trainers might have overlooked.
To be brief of my fitlosophy, I believe a healthy posture is one of the key foundations to our longevity and wellness, based on which each individualized fitness program can progress and thrive.
I was an kickboxing athlete and amateur bodybuilder 6 years ago, so I also like to incorporate some kickboxing drills, plyometrics, coordination drills into the program to develop a comprehensive fitness program.

p.s. I am not a native English speaker, so please take that into account if you prefer a trainer with great English expression. I speak mandarin and English.

My servicing region mainly focus on Markham and Scarborough. For DT and other areas, the cost would be a bit higher due to traveling time and parking if needed.

I can train you in your condo’s gym or in Planet Fitness.

If there are some more information you would like to know, please don’t hesitate to reach me.
Please contact me through email:
I will reply to you in a day.

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